Entangled Species

This set of 128 patches for the Applied Acoustics System String Studio VS-1 is a collection of living sounds meant to augment, and in some cases replace traditional acoustic instrument in Electro-Acoustic, Ambient, and Film music arrangements.
 Applied Acoustics Systems
(Canada 2009)

Ghost Storeys

Ghost Storeys is a CD+DVD project from David Kristian in collaboration with Japanese animator Ryosuke Aoike.
Please note that the audio portion of the DVD is presented in 5.1 Surround.
(Canada 2006)

David Kristian discusses Ghost Storeys (and other projects) with Roger Batty on the MusicMachine website

The Mariana Trench

Should probably be subtitled Music From Davey Jones' Locker. - Explore the deepest and darkest part of the ocean in this 68 minute looping epic.
(Canada 2005)

The City Without Windows/La Dernière Voix

The fragile, moody Electronica soundtrack to Julien Fonfrède and Karim Hussain's Jutra Award nominated short film is finally available, by way of one of Europe's most respected and visionary labels.
Crème Organization
(The Netherlands 2004)

Suoni Dalle Ombre Oltre,

David Kristian's earlier homage to '80s Italian Horror soundtracks released under the pseudonym
Francesco Clemente
Crème Organization
(The Netherlands 2004)





























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Madison Dinelle, Mark Hogben, David Kristian, Scott Greene, Guylaine Bedard,
Buttonsinker, Sylvain Aubé, and  (sic)


David Kristian and Scott Greene from Multimedia Pandora Inc.

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David Kristian 1983-2007

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David Kristian is currently working as the Audio Artist on Ubisoft's much anticipated Watch_Dogs game.  The reveal of this brand new IP at the 2012 E3 conference took everyone by surprise, and it is being lauded as the "most interesting game at E3 so far".  There are currently two preview videos for Watch Dogs on Youtube, the second one (seen above) is a 9 minute gameplay demo showcasing some of the game's great next-gen graphics and sound design.

splinter cell: conviction

David is working full-time as an Audio Artist with Ubisoft's sound team, and has provided a large number of sound effects, ambiences, and HUD sounds for the Splinter Cell: Conviction Co-op game.  This Xbox 360® title, which is now receiving great reviews, was released on April 13th, 2010, and has won IGN's Best Co-op game of 2010 award.  David Kristian and Audio Lead Olivier Girard also co-presented a talk on Co-op game strategies for sound designers at the 2011 GDC conference in San-Francisco.

entangled species

Entangled Species from Applied Acoustics Systems grants exclusive access to the beloved tools, inspirational encounters, and living sounds of composer David Kristian. This organic collection of arpeggiators, pads, loopers, synthesizers, keyboards, noises, and sound effects shall evolve as a natural extension of the sonic inventory of anyone into electro-acoustic, ambient, and film music arrangements. And with String Studio VS-1 as your middleman, these sounds are just a few tweaks away to become your own.

beating hearts

David Kristian's most recent film music can be heard in Matthew Garrett's Beating Hearts, a disturbing twist on the child-killer genre.  The film had its world premiere at  Fantasia 2010, it's US premiere at the NYC Horror Film Festival, and had its European premiere at Dead by Dawn in Scotland, screening in competition at the Filmhouse. Read reviews here and here,.

In addition to the music for Beating Hearts, David's soundtrack work can be heard in Morris County, an equal parts drama, horror, true-crime anthology and life-cycle piece following three sets of characters on their individual journeys into oblivion. Morris County is written and directed by Matthew Garrett and produced by Thomas R. Rondinella (Unholy, Charming Billy); the film stars Pamela Stewart (A Dog Year, 100 Proof, Amateur), Albie Selznick (TV's 24, Suddenly Susan) and newcomers Alice Cannon and Darcy Miller.  The film had its premiere at the San-Francisco Independent Film Festival  on February 6th, 2009.


David joined forces with Emmy Award winning composer Ed Dzubak to score Douglas Buck's Sisters, which stars Lou Doillon (the new face of Chanel), Chloë Sevigny (Boys Don’t Cry, Big Love, Zodiac), and Stephen Rea (The Crying Game, V for Vendetta).  Sisters is produced by Edward R. Pressman (The Cooler, American Psycho, Bad Lieutenant), who also produced the 1973 Brian DePalma original.  Some of you may remember David and Ed's previous collaboration on Douglas' Buck's Prologue, which appears on Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America.   Read a review of Sisters by Variety's John Anderson.

the abandoned

Over 70 minutes of David Kristian's unsettling music and soundscapes are  featured along with the work of legendary sound designers Glenn Freemantle and Andy Wilkinson (28 Days Later, V for Vendetta), and composer Alfons Conde (who wrote the opening titles music) in Nacho Cerdà's long awaited The Abandoned. The film stars Anastasia Hille (The Hole, RKO 281) and Karel Roden (Hellboy, Running Scared, The Bourne Supremacy), and was written by Nacho Cerdà, Karim Hussain (La Belle Bȇte, Ascension) and Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil).

The Abandoned had its World premiere screening at the Toronto International Film Festival as part of the fest's Midnight Madness program, and  was also voted audience favorite during the 8 Films to Die For After Dark Horrorfest in November 2006.  The film opened in theaters across North-America on February 23, 2007.   Read interviews with Nacho Cerda and Karim Hussain in issue #259 of Fangoria and issue #67 of Rue Morgue, which tells the whole story as to why David was called in at the 11th hour to replace most the film's score.